Commission a Special Memory

Is there a box in your closet collecting dust that holds some of your most valued memories? It's the one in mine that has my son's smocked John John and the Christening gown my mom made for my babies. It has the funny old hat my dad used to wear and my mom's silver spoon and shell she used for cooking baked clams at Christmas when I was a kid. It has the handkerchief that my husband's grandma gave to me to carry on my wedding day and my garter.

Some of these things will just sit there forever, and some day my kids will wonder what the hell they are. I often ask myself, what good do they do in the closet, why can't I let go of them?

As I pondered these questions, and reflected on my work, I realized, I am probably not the only one with a box like this. Wouldn't these things be better valued in my life if they had a second life?

I would like to take your special things and create a meaningful and beautiful painting inspired by them. The painting isn't about the objects at all, but about the life they lived before being put in the box.

How about a painting of your wedding bouquet with your husband's bow tie from your wedding? Wouldn't that make a stunning painting, with memories and unique stories that come in the package?

I just updated my website to include a page for custom paintings and I would love if you would visit it to let me know what you think. I have limited sizes posted right now, but if you have a size in mind that is not listed, I am happy to chat with you about it. It takes between 6- 8 weeks  to finish a custom painting, and I have to limit how many I paint, so if you are interested in having it in time for the holidays, order now. Visit the page here!