My Favorite Things

What are your favorite things? In this world of consumerism, sometimes it’s tough to distinguish between what we love and what we just have around, taking up space. This is something I think about often. I need a little Marie Kondo in my life, but that aside, here are some things that make me really happy:

My Starbucks Mug – Why? Don’t know. It’s just the right size and my father-in-law gave it to me knowing how much I like coffee.

My beautiful art wall – I look over at it on and off when I’m at home. Each piece on the wall has a story, each one is unique, and most of them were gifted to us. I especially love the Miro which my mother-in-law gave us and framed so beautifully for us. It has grown on me over the years like a great piece of art should. I love it each day more than the last. Another piece… a watercolor of a little girl swinging that we bought for my mom many years ago and got back from her when she passed. It is really special and reminds me of our friendship.

Also, the gorgeous quilts my mom made. We have three quilts of my mom’s and they are definitely some of my favorite things. They keep me warm and remind me of how she is the reason I am creative today.

My photos of my boys are all over our house. They are so important to me and remind me of my favorite times of my life so far.

Of course, my wedding rings are immensely important to me and remind me of my bond and friendship to my husband.

I paint things, and most of them are pretty ordinary… a spoon, a lemon, a nest, a broken teacup. But, I am fascinated with the idea that we use these things one day, and don’t the next. How life comes and goes and how precious each moment is, even the ordinary ones.

I have some upcoming projects… one really big one, that will take something that was ordinary at the time, and bring it forward as extraordinary. I will tell everyone more soon, but for now, it’s under wraps.

I hope you have a great holiday season, and keep loving the things and people and moments that make your life extraordinary.