Nature and Nurture Exhibit is UP!

This month, I was honored to have my work become part of a beautiful Hagood Homes model that is on the Parade of Homes. On October 4, we greeted about 150 people to see the show in the home for a private homeowner's appreciation party and it was a fantastic time. The food and service was amazing and the guests enjoyed viewing the art in the home. These are a few photos of the house and the party and also a link to a short video preview of the house. Hope you enjoy!

 Andie Freeman Art oil painting of lemon and hydrangea flowers with pink and lilac background, Looking oil painting


Nature and Nurture party photo in living room oil painting of marsh landscape with sunset Andie Freeman art

Andie Freeman art oil painting of spoons contemporary oil painting with gold and dark teal background in shabby chic setting

Andie Freeman art photo from nature and nurture art exhibition at Hagood Homes homeowner party

Andie Freeman art oil painting of nest from Hagood Homes model homeowner's party

Rooster oil painting Andie Freeman art Hagood Homes homeowner party

Hagood Homes homeowner appreciation party Andie Freeman art exhibition

Hagood Homes homeowner party and art exhibition Andie Freeman art