What's Old is New Again!

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I am excited to share that I have a new venture. Well, an old venture that has been re-energized. My graphic design business, Wowhouse Design has been part of my life for over seventeen years (Wow! That is hard to believe, but it's true!) I haven't been actively designing for clients for quite a few years, but when I was, I would often use freelance illustrators that I would hire, or sometimes I would use pre-designed illustrations.

Now, the tables are turned and I am using my specialized knowledge as a designer and artist to create illustrations for other designers/bloggers to use in their work. Wowhouse Studio will now have a shop on Etsy (and hopefully sometime in the future, one on Creative Market) where clients can download beautifully useful art for their projects. I will be adding to these illustrations continually.

In the meanwhile, I have been creating 100 pieces of yummy art and posting them on Instagram for the last few months. I am almost finished with my 100 days of yummy art, and I am taking this opportunity to finish them out on my new Wowhouse Studio Instagram account!!! They fit with my Wowhouse brand a little more than my fine art brand and I hope that this will introduce a new group of followers to my art. I hope you will join me on Instagram @wowhousestudio to see the last 25 food illustrations, and to see what is cooking with my colorful, whimsical illustration work!

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