Why 2018 is Shaping up to be a Stellar Year and It Hasn’t Even Started

 Don’t get me wrong, 2017 was an okay year. I had a great year teaching, I created some of my best art, upgraded my website, traveled to New Orleans and Disney. It was a pretty great year, but…. this upcoming year, just step back!

 Here are the top ten reasons 2018 will be an amazing year for Andie Freeman Fine Art:

10. I am working on finalizing dates for three big shows this year. One is through my grant from the United Arts Council, one is through the City of Raleigh Block Gallery, which I juried into, and one is through the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. As the year goes on, you will see more work that I will be creating for these amazing opportunities.

9. I am connecting with a new gallery this year to represent my work. I take this relationship very seriously, so you may have to be patient while I work on this. In the meantime, I hope to provide my current galleries – City Art Gallery in Greenville, NC and Camellia Art in Hilton Head, SC – new pieces throughout this year so that they can keep their walls fresh!

8. I'm adding prints to my website! I am slowly adding some prints to my site, which are printed by Fine Art America. They have facilities around the world, but the one that most of my work will be printed from is right here in North Carolina. They make a beautiful product. When you order a print through my site, you may pick your frame, mat and paper. I love this service!!!

7. I will create more content on my website. You will see more information that is interesting and new for you to use from my blog. Information about new art and art history, food and fun, entertaining and how it connects with art. It will be a more fun place to hang out for a short bite of inspiration.

6. You will see me create more video content – on my Instagram feed, on my blog, and on my site. Some will be for fun and some will be free tips on painting. I also plan to include some online classes.

5. This March, I will be teaching a two-day workshop, Still Life with Movement and Texture at Painting Miles in Raleigh. I am so excited to teach at Painting Miles! Learn more about it here!

4. As a mom, I will be supporting my children in Science Olympiad, soccer, cross-country, a service trip for my oldest to The Dominican Republic, camping in NC and a trip to Utah with my family.

3. While I am creating larger paintings (primarily for the shows I have planned and galleries) I will also paint smaller paintings for my studio and online gallery. I love my website – maintaining ease of use and security are top priorities for my collectors. I will keep growing this way to enhance connections with my collectors!

2. I will be teaching more at Artspace and in my studio this summer! I can’t wait to teach oil painting to teens again this summer. I am also offering a book creation/illustration class for 7-10 year olds. This is a true passion of mine, and I am so excited to see their fantastic imaginations at work!!

1. I will follow up my Fall Smalls series with a Spring Smalls series. I had a blast creating the Fall series in secret and releasing them specifically for newsletter followers first. I am thinking about my Spring theme now, so if you have a suggestion, email me at andie@andiefreeman.com!!