Wow! That was Quite a Year!

Ok, I know the year isn't over yet, but this is the time I tend to look back and look forward... and wow! Did 2019 fly by fast? I had an extraordinary year this year and I just want to share a few highlights with you!

Out of hundreds of entries, I was one of 16 artists chosen to participate in the Clark Hulings Fund Art Business Accelerator Fellowship. This was an educational program with artists across the country who focus on a variety of visual arts. We all have differing degrees of experience and we all learned a lot about how to focus our efforts into a succinct professional practice that will propel us to the next level in our careers. It was an exceptional experience and I am grateful to the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists for this really fantastic opportunity. Thank you especially, Elizabeth Hulings, Daniel DiGriz, and Carolyn Edmond for so much personal help!!

What else happened? Well, I was pretty busy with the fellowship, but I also participated in three solo exhibitions, one joint exhibition and six group exhibitions this year. That’s a record for me!

I had three articles written about my work and my business this year. Also, I have learned how to edit video, so watch out! There will be more video in 2020.

Personally, it was a big year too. My oldest son graduated from high school and got settled in successfully at college (whew!) Also, my house had some unexpected repairs that were done in May (around the time of graduation – ugg!) Our floors were pulled up and replaced. It was a big job but it looks much better now.

So, what is on the plate for 2020? I have a big announcement coming in the new year about a partnership with a museum and a large body of work. I am really excited about this project, so keep in touch to find out more!

I hope you had a great year this year and that you have some wonderful things to look forward to in 2020 too!