Andie Freeman is the youngest child of a large, blended family from New England. Watching her older siblings and hardworking parents gave her an early sense of work ethic while also affording her time to entertain herself. This naturally extended into a love for nature and creativity.

She attended College of Charleston in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. There she studied life drawing and painting as a studio art major. After earning her BFA from College of Charleston, she continued her art education at Portfolio Center, School for Advertising Arts in Atlanta where she studied graphic design. She worked for over fifteen years as an award-winning graphic designer in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Saint Louis before returning to her first love, painting.

Andie creates still life paintings with a plein air quality. By setting up objects outside in the sun with white cloth behind them, she captures the lighting of the shadows and the movement in the wind of the objects. The paintings are about movement, light and capturing a moment in time as well as the objects themselves.
Freeman’s work can be found in public and private collections, including the collection of the City of Raleigh and the Museum of Hilton Head as well as the publication, Richeson 75 Small Works 2016. She is a member of Oil Painters of America and Artspace. Freeman creates her work at her studio at Artspace in Raleigh, North Carolina and is represented by City Art in Greeenville, North Carolina and Camellia Art Gallery in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Artist Statement
I create contemporary realist artwork in oils on canvas. I enjoy exploring the relationship between looser strokes and areas of detail or clarity as a representation of focus and movement. This is a reflection of my study of fleeting moments and the fragility of life. I am greatly inspired by photography, especially blurry and very old photographs and the way they capture time.

My current work is a study of the life of women. Nostalgia, sensuality, strength and vulnerability are all represented in the natural and man made objects featured in each still life.